Redeem your NFTs

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generous support.

NFT Direct Redemption

All featured NFTs are available for direct redemption. You can redeem the original NFT artwork featured in the National Day Parade Packs, or a variant with a unique colour theme. Each NFT can be redeemed for 999 tokens and above. (A donation of $999 will give you 999 tokens.)

NFT Mystery Box Redemption

“My Life in Singapore”, “My Photo Frames”, and “Let’s Bloom Onwards” are available in smaller collectible NFTs that can be redeemed via our Mystery Box. You can choose the NFT artwork you like, and own a randomly allocated piece of it! Each NFT can be redeemed for 399 tokens. (A donation of $399 will give you 399 tokens.)

Commemorative Campaign NFT

All donors who contributed at least $200 and who has provided the details of your crypto wallet will receive this commemorative campaign NFT by 26 August 2022.

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