About the campaign

1. What makes this fundraising campaign special?

In conjunction with the celebration of National Day and the talents of persons with disabilities, six of the 2022 National Day Parade (NDP) artworks by artists with disabilities are offered as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the first time.

A total of 100 one-of-a-kind NDP-themed NFTs are available for redemption. You can learn more about the artwork and the artists behind them by viewing our NFT portfolio at thegoodblockchain.sg.

Funds raised go towards SG Enable, to catalyse programmes at Enabling Village. The Enabling Village, managed by SG Enable, is an inclusive community space in Singapore dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities in society.

For more information, please refer to the press release here.

2. When will the campaign be live?

The campaign will be live from 8am on 8 August 2022 (Monday) till 8pm on 31 August 2022 (Wednesday).

How to participate

3. How can I donate on the site? What currencies are accepted for the donations?

You can donate via our “Donate” page at thegoodblockchain.sg. Donations are accepted in Singapore Dollars (via PayNow or Bank Transfer) or in cryptocurrency (via crypto wallet). We are using MAS-licensed payment vendors.

4. What will I receive in return for my donations?

The most important thing you get is the joy of helping fellow Singaporeans with disabilities , to build an inclusive community where they can thrive and contribute.

As an appreciation of your donation, the Government also awards tax deduction for donations to Institutions of Public Character such as SG Enable, at 2.5 times the donation value. All donations of at least SGD$200 will receive 2.5 times tax deduction. A tax deduction receipt can be sent to you, if you provide the required details.

Finally, as a token of appreciation, all eligible donors will receive an NFT. Anyone who donates at least SGD$200 will receive a commemorative campaign NFT, minted specially by The Good Blockchain and SG Enable for this fundraising campaign. Depending on the quantum of your donations, you can also further redeem an exclusive and unique NDP-themed NFT.

Tax Deduction Receipts

5. What information is needed for me to receive tax deduction? When will I receive the tax deduction receipt?

A donation of at least $200 is required to be eligible for tax deduction receipt. For processing of tax deduction receipt, individual donors are required to provide their personal particulars namely (1) Full Name, (2) NRIC/FIN Number, (3) email address and (4) contact number.
Corporate organisations seeking tax deduction receipts will be required to provide (1) Company Name, (2) UEN Number, (3) Email address, and (4) Contact number.
Eligible donors will receive their tax deduction receipt by email (if provided) after the end of the fundraising campaign.
This information will be given to SG Enable for processing of the tax deduction.

NFT-related questions

6. What are NFTs and what can I do with them?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Each NFT is unique and has its own unique identifier (i.e. serial number) on the blockchain on which the NFT is created.

This means that unlike SGD$10 notes, you cannot simply swap one NFT for another, because each NFT carries different characteristics and values.

Most NFTs today are created as collectibles. This is no different from other items that may be collected and traded, such as trading cards, Hello Kitty dolls, and (in the past) stamps. The key difference is that an NFT is a digital collectible.

The NFTs featured in our National Day NFT campaign are meant as digital souvenirs to thank donors for their generous contributions.

7. What is needed to receive my NFTs?

After your donation, you will receive “STAMP tokens” (at a rate of SGD$1 to 1 token), which can be used to redeem your exclusive one-of-a-kind National Day-themed NFT. Think of these tokens as coupons at a funfair.

8. What is the STAMP tokens for?

Think of these tokens as coupons at a funfair. Donors will receive STAMP tokens (at a rate of SGD$1 to 1 token) which can be used to redeem the National Day NFT(s) of their choice.

Our website (thegoodblockchain.sg) contains information about all NFTs available for redemption and the number of tokens required for redemption of each NFT.

9. How do I redeem the NFTs?

Visit our redemption portal to utilise your STAMP tokens to redeem your chosen National Day NFT.

10. What NFTs are available for redemption and how many tokens are needed?

Donors will receive tokens (at a rate of SGD$1 to 1 token) which can be used to redeem the National Day NFT(s) of their choice.
Our website (www.thegoodblockchain.sg) contains information about all NFTs available for redemption and the number of tokens required for redemption of each NFT.

11. Can I redeem other NDP artwork beyond the 6 that are featured?

12. When will I receive the NFTs I have redeemed?

All National Day NFTs will be deposited into donors’ crypto wallets within 24 hours of redemption.
All commemorative campaign NFTs will be deposited into donors’ crypto wallets by 6 September 2022 (Tuesday).

13. I do not have a crypto wallet. Can I still donate?

Yes, you can still donate. However, you will need a crypto wallet to receive the STAMP tokens for redemption of the National Day NFTs, as well as to receive the commemorative campaign NFT.
For more information on how to set up a crypto wallet, you may access our user guide at the top of the page.
If you choose not to receive the NFT, you may indicate that you would like to re-donate the NFT back to the fund-raising campaign, so that someone else can donate and redeem it.

14. What blockchain is used for minting the NFTs?

Our NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

15. Can I resell my NFTs after receiving them?

The NFTs redeemed or received via this campaign are not meant for resale. They are given as a digital souvenir to show our appreciation to donors.

16. Where can I learn more about your NFT contracts and collection?

General Information

17. Does The Good Blockchain get a fee from donations?

18. What is unique about the NFT redemption portals?

The selection and issuance of NFTs for this campaign happens on NFTFair, a fair launch platform for NFTs.

By enforcing fairness at the transaction level and satisfying true randomness, every user has an equal chance of obtaining an NFT from when the launch goes live up to the point of distribution. This makes the redemption process more efficient and robust to exploitation.

19. Who can I contact for more information about the campaign or if I need assistance?