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Building Dreams, Enabling Lives for Persons with Disabilities

Donate now to (1) Redeem your exclusive National Day-themed NFT; (2) Receive a commemorative campaign NFT; and (3) Enjoy 2.5 times tax deduction.

All donations go towards catalysing new programmes at the Enabling Village, Singapore’s first inclusive community space for persons with disabilities.

NFTs are available for redemption at 399, 999, 1999, 4999, and 9999 tokens, at the rate of $1 per redemption token.

View our campaign press release here!
View our NFT contracts here!

All donations of at least $200 will be eligible for tax deduction and an NFT.

Fundraising Partner

We are a new non-profit that aims to help charities raise funds in new ways. We are honoured to have this opportunity to offer donors these NDP artworks by talented persons with disabilities in the form of unique collectible NFTs.

Mr Andre Oei, Mr Chu Wee Liat, Ms Lee Chen-Ee
Co-Founders of The Good Blockchain

Tech Partner

“With NFTs quickly becoming a new signpost of belonging and identity, it’s encouraging to see how Automata can help to align communities around doing good with NFTFair. What makes Web3 such a powerful social force is how it gives voice to the underrepresented to share their stories, which ultimately creates a shared sense of empathy to motivate action.”

Dr Chua Zheng Leong, Co-Founder at Automata Network

Charity Beneficiary

“Each NDP artwork is a unique gift to Singapore by persons with disabilities and celebrates abilities too. With the unique collectible NFTs, we hope to reach more donors and supporters as we progress towards a more inclusive society.”

Ms Ku Geok Boon, CEO of SG Enable

Getting Started

Quick Link: Detailed User Guide

Step 1

Connect or set up your crypto wallet. We recommend Metamask.

Step 2

Proceed to the Donations Portal. Donate in cash through Paynow QR or bank transfer or in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. Choose whether to receive tax deductions and/or utility tokens to redeem NFTs.

Step 3

Proceed to the NFT Redemption Portal and select your NFTs.

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